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Cat Saves Cat From Washing Machine

Lila (l), Kerri and Peppa

The day began as it usually did. Kerri Rodgers of Brisbane, Australia, was sorting her laundry to put in the washing machine. As she tossed the clothes in the front-load washer and turned away for a moment, Lila, her Burmese, jumped in to the washer. Not knowing that Lila had jumped in, Kerri add the laundry powder, set the machine on the cold wash setting and closed the machine door. She then closed the laundry room door.

The machine had been running for about 20 minutes, when Kerri's other cat Peppa began scratching at the laundry room door. Kerri wondered what Peppa was up too, so she let her into the laundry room. Peppa sat in front of the machine and that's when Kerri realized that Lila was in the machine. "It was two agonizing minutes before I could get the door open," remembers Kerri, "and I didn't know if she was alive or dead. Thankfully, she was alive so I wrapped her up in a towel and rushed her to the vet and it was a good outcome."

When Kerri stopped the machine and was waiting for it to come to a stop before she could unlock the door, all she could see was Lila's pink paw pads, and she remembered that they were not moving. Lila was treated for a concussion, minor lacerations, toxic ingestion and hypothermia.

Kerri is so thankful to Peppa for alerting her to the situation and believes that if Peppa had not, the outcome for Lila would have likely been disastrous.