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Nature's Miracle® Automated Litter Boxes Self-Cleaning Litter Box

(Item # I003341b_I003341)
Reduces the need for constant litter box cleaning and provides your cat with an always-fresh environment. Unique design features a smart detection motion sensor that activates litter cleaning 20 minutes after use, as well as a change indicator light that alerts you when the waste receptacle needs to be replaced - providing maximum sanitation and cleanliness. Nature's Miracle® 3-in-1 odor control system automatically removes wet litter and waste to prevent odor buildup. Features antimicrobial product protection that inhibits odors caused by bacteria. Includes a catch-all receptacle with a carbon filter to minimize the spread of your cat's worst odors. High side walls help to prevent litter scatter and a carpeted ramp prevents tracking throughout the house. Non-stick surfaces on the litter box and the removable rake and pan ensure easy cleaning and sanitation. Technological features include a sleep timer that delays raking for 9 hours, AA battery back-up, and the ability to activate a manual cycle.
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