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Royal Canin® Kitten Spayed/Neutered Food 12 oz.

(Item # I001992b_I001992)
Royal Canin® KITTEN SPAYED/NEUTERED is recommended for kittens from 6 to 12 months. After spaying or neutering, your kitten's nutritional needs change. While your kitten is still growing, it needs proper nutrition to help build its immune defenses. After they are spayed or neutered, their energy needs decrease and appetite increases. As experts in health nutrition, Royal Canin® has designed a specific formula to meet the needs of your spayed or neutered kitten. Added proteins, antioxidants and prebiotics help growing cats thrive while controlled fat levels help maintain a healthy weight. Helps support the kitten's natural defenses with an antioxidant complex and prebiotics. Includes highly digestible proteins and other nutrients to minimize digestive stress and ensure a good balance of intestinal flora. 12 oz.

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