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Certified Search & Rescue Dog

Rose with Dr. Kersting (l) and her owners Philip and Karen Hermanson

German Shepherd Dogs are known for their wonderful service work and you can add Rose to the list. This GSD is a professional volunteer service dog who specializes in search and rescue as a certified land/water cadaver dog. This dedicated and courageous search dog maintains her focus at all times. She has twice been stuck in quicksand and has survived a rattlesnake encounter.

Rose was called in following a hotel fire and was able to search the smoldering two-story building for victims. Using her uncanny sense of smell, she is able to simply smell a body of water and is then able to accurately pin point the missing person no matter how deep or rapid the water is. Her assistance helps dive team to concentrate their recovery efforts more precisely.

The canine has worked more than 24 search missions throughout Iowa and Nebraska. Her expertise is always offered at no charge to the cities and municipalities who rely on her abilities.

For her outstanding rescue services, Rose was inducted into the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association Hall of Fame in the Professional category. The German Shepherd was nominated by her vet, Dr. Tammy Kersting of the Companion Animal Clinic in Gilbert and is proudly owned by Philip and Karen Hermanson of Jewell, Iowa.