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Daisy Cares For New Kittens

Two-year-old Daisy, a Chihuahua, had recently given birth to stillborn puppies while living at the Animal Foundation of Nevada in Las Vegas. When Animal Control brought in an abandoned litter of kittens, Daisy knew just what to do.

Shelter Manager Stacy Herro says that she was hand-feeding the four kittens that had been brought in after the mother cat could not be located. Daisy watched Stacy feed the kittens and began to whimper. Daisy then walked over to the kittens, picked each one up by the neck and carried them back to her box. After a while together, the kittens began to nurse from the new foster mom. The babies are four Siamese kittens who have been named Violet Lily, Tumbleweed, Cactus Jack and Stinkweed.

After hearing about the Chihuahua and the kittens, the Las Vegas Sun ran a story about the newly formed family, generating a flood of interest at the shelter. "Because this little dog has brought so much attention to the need for foster care for kittens, the day after the story ran, we got 45 kittens into new foster homes," said Animal Foundation Director Mary Herro. The four Siamese kittens will go to new homes as soon as they are old enough to leave their "Mom."