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Doberman Mothers Kittens

Marilyn, a three-year-old stray Doberman Pinscher, was found on the side of the street by the Humane Society in Kitchener, On (Canada). It appeared that she had been used only for breeding as she was very frightened of people. Marilyn was timid, dehydrated and her ribs were showing.

The Doberman needed to be socialized, so workers at the Humane Society would often let Marilyn out of her cage so that she could mix with visitors. During one such outing, Marilyn heard the cries of newborn kittens and went straight to the room where workers were trying to bottle feed the little felines.

To the amazement of the workers, the Doberman, who had probably given birth not too long ago, went over to the kittens and began nosing and licking them. Although the kittens tried to nurse, Marilyn's milk supply was gone. She was happy to lie on the floor and let the orphaned kittens crawl all over her.

The newly formed family became inseparable so the workers set up accommodations so that they could be together. The new family has also been very good for Marilyn. She has since "come out of her shell with these kittens."

Onlookers have been thrilled to see Marilyn interact with the kittens and it has helped people to see that Dobermans are not as fierce as they are perceived to be. Word has spread about the family and the society has had more than 200 offers with people who are interested in adopting Marilyn. An offer has even come from the state of Kentucky! The society has also received about 50 calls from people expressing interest in adopting the kittens once they are ready to leave their "Dobermom."