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Airedale Returns Home After Three Weeks

Airedale Terrier Max

When Bill Clark was out driving his convertible in Sterling, CT, his car was struck by another vehicle. Following the encounter, Clark’s dog Max, also riding in the car, was frightened and ran into the woods. Clark began a three-week search for his beloved Airedale Terrier. Although there were many sightings between Sterling and his home in Coventry, RI, Max could not be found.

One afternoon, three weeks later, Clark returned home and to his astonishment, Max was sitting in the back yard. It seems that Max had traveled the 45 miles between Sterling and Coventry and had somehow found his way home. “I was just so happy,” says Clark, “that this all happened. That he came home. I couldn’t believe that he came home. All that way.”

It is believed that Max was able to find his way home thanks to his owner’s diligence. It seems that Clark put out some of his clothes and some of Max’s favorite dog food along the highway close to home so that Max could pick up a scent. Although experts cannot explain how Max found his way home, Clark could not be more thrilled. “The vet says he hasn’t been injured. He lost 11 pounds. I lost seven.”