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Drug-Sniffing Midge

When the police department in Geauga County, Ohio would bring narcotics-sniffer dogs into schools, everyone would vacate the rooms while the dogs searched for contraband. German Shepherds were originally used for the job, but the department found that although the dogs were beautiful and intelligent, they were very intimidating and frightening.

The following year, the department used a Golden Retriever. She wagged her tail and was friendly towards everyone. The experience was not nearly as traumatic. Now the department has trained a Chihuahua to become a police dog. Midge, the Chihuahua, currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records title as the smallest drug-sniffing dog on the planet. Fully grown, Midge weighs in at 8 pounds. She scored 100% on her certification test and is now a full-fledged K9 drug detector for the state of Ohio.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Midge has one big advantage, "She's very friendly." Midge is being considered as a pioneer police Chihuahua. Her presence will make great public relations for the sheriff's office. Sheriff Dan McClelland, her boss and trainer, is ready to take her any place with him for full duties as a narcotics dog.