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Endal The Wonder Dog

Allen Parton was in his wheelchair in Cranfield, Hampshire, UK, when he saw a car coming straight towards him. He was struck by the car and thrown from his wheelchair. Seeing what had happened, his friend Endal moved the unconscious Parton into the recovery position, covered him with a blanket and brought him his mobile phone that was under a car. Endal also brought help to the injured man and waited next to him until they were both taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Endal is a five-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever and the constant companion to Mr. Parton. When Parton was involved in a roadside accident during the Gulf War in 1991, his injuries left him without much memory recall and dependent on a wheelchair for his mobility. Endal became his shining star and taught his master all about unconditional love.

Although many would hail the canine as a hero, it was really all in a day's work. On any average day, Endal has been Parton's "guardian, therapist, valet, banker, travel agent, grocer and laundry service." According to Parton, Endal has never formally been trained to do some of the tasks that he masters every day. Once, when Parton was struggling at an automatic teller machine, he says that "Endal had taken my card, money and cash receipt out of the Cashpoint without being asked. I turned and passed him my card and said, OK wise guy, put that in the slot then. He took the card and put it in the slot on his first attempt. There was a huge crowd around us and they all gave Endal a massive cheer."

Whether helping Parton put laundry in the washing machine, placing items in the shopping cart at the store or paying the driver for tickets to ride the bus, Endal amazes Parton with his uncanny ability to know just what needs to be done.

For his outstanding actions in a life-threatening situation, Endal was awarded the PDSA Gold Medal for Animal Gallantry and Devotion to Duty which is the highest honor for outstanding animal bravery and exceptional dedication in civilian life. The yellow Lab has also been awarded the Golden Bonio Award, the Wag and Bone Award, the Dog of the Millennium Award, the Peace Time Dickins Medal, the Gold Blue Peter Badge and the Animal George Cross. Endal was also featured on the cover of Dogs Today magazine as April's "Hunk of the Month." One of the highest honors that have been bestowed on Endal was when The Kennel Club (UK) asked Parton to present the "Endal" Award to the Champion Club winner.

Endal also has the distinction of being the first dog to ride on the London Eye (the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe) and the first dog known to be able to operate an ATM card, including both card insertion and card removal.

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