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Golden Saves Infant

Bullet, a 13-year-old Golden Retriever, needed a liver operation. His owner, Pam Sica, decides to borrow the $5,000 needed for the procedure. Confused, the vet asks Pam why she would want to go into debt to save such an old dog since he would probably die soon. Ignoring the vet's advice, Pam pays for the risky operation and Bullet pulls through just fine.

Two years later, Pam endures a complicated pregnancy, but gives birth to a baby boy who she names Troy. When little Troy is only four weeks old, Pam leaves the baby in the bedroom to go and heat up a bottle. Old Bullet, now 15, charges into the kitchen and runs back and forth between the kitchen and the bedroom until Pam follows. She finds that Troy has turned blue and is gasping for air.

Pam yells for her husband and he begins to perform CPR on the infant. Bullet remains by the baby's side as Pam runs to call 911. Minutes later, an ambulance arrives and transports Troy to the ER at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in Patchogue, NY. It was determined that Troy had developed pneumonia in both lungs and was held over for two weeks.

"The paramedics told us that if we had found Troy 10 seconds later, something terrible could have happened," Pam says. "Bullet saved his life." When Troy returned home, Bullet constantly remained by his side. The old Golden Retriever was rewarded with a steak dinner.