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Just In The Lick of Time

Danny and his owner after she was rescued from her fall at home.

Arizona Author Bethe Bennett who writes under the penname "Bessie Mac" was at home alone when she took a nasty fall on her kitchen floor. "I was twisted. I didn't hit my bum or anything, it was just straight on that hip and I heard it crack. The minute I tried to move, I passed out." When Bethe came too, she discovered that Danny, the Miniature Schnauzer she was fostering, was licking her face.

Knowing that she would not have any visitors for the entire day, Bethe knew that he was the only one that could save her. As a former service dog, he was use to helping but it had been years since he had been required to help but Bethe knew she had to try to get his assistance. "Okay Danny, you need to get Mamma the phone," she explains. "It took him a few minutes because he ran back and forth because he knew what I was saying, and then he got up on the couch and got up on the desk."

She says that the dog knocked the telephone over on the floor and nudged it towards her where she was able to contact emergency crews. She then remembered that her door was locked and that they might not be able to get in, so she asked Danny to bring her paper. Danny brought over five pieces of paper including one with her neighbors' telephone number on it. She contacted the neighbor who was able to open the door just moments before emergency personnel arrived.

Bethe is now recovering at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in Glendale, AZ with Danny by her side. She is the author of a series of books call the "Forever Home" series which highlights the foster animals that she takes in and she now plans to write a story about Danny. "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be the one he'd have to rescue," she said. "He was my little hero."