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Mature Golden Saves Owner

When Deborah Dolen lost her Golden Retriever, she decided that she wanted to adopt another mature pet. A friend told her about a 10-year-old Golden that was soon going to be "put to sleep" because of her advanced age. Deborah drove 4 hours to adopt her new family member, Jasmine. It was love at first sight.

"Jazz" settled in to her new surroundings in Sarasota, FL. She could play in the water and enjoy her golden years. Deborah would never believe that Jazz could ever be considered a guard dog because she was "way too nice." Jazz would soon disprove that theory.

One night, while Deborah slept with Jazz next to her bed, the Golden began growling. Deborah had never heard Jazz growl before, so she just told her to quiet down. Suddenly a man stepped into her bedroom through the sliding glass door. As he stepped inside, Jazz went for his throat. As he turned to run, he fell off the building, paralyzing himself from the waist down.

Deborah called 911 and went to check on Jazz. Although she seemed happy that she had gotten the intruder, Jazz's blood was everywhere. It seemed that the intruder had a knife and had stabbed Jazz several times before he fell.

Jazz was rushed to the emergency vet, who was reluctant to operate on a 10-year-old dog. Once Deborah explained to the vet the circumstances, he took Jazz right in and spent the next 8 hours operating on her.

Deborah is very happy that she adopted Jazz. She is convinced that she would not be here today if it weren't for her Hero Dog. Once she returned from the hospital and with tons of stitches, Jazz chose to sleep in front of the sliding glass door.

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