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Mountain Lion Stanley

Stanley, the Golden Retriever, is being hailed a hero because of his bravery when he protected his owner from a mountain lion attack.

Two women were hiking with their dogs on a trail off of Highway 7 in Lyons, CO. As Betsy Burton walked along, she spotted a mountain lion out of the corner of her eye. As she turned, she noticed that the lion was only about 6 feet away from her and her friend Cindy Kaylan. At first, Betsy thought the animal was beautiful, when suddenly the lion crouched and began to growl and look right at her friend Cindy. Betsy yelled to Cindy to pick up a tree branch and hold it over her head in a move that was designed to make her appear bigger. The lion's eyes were focused on the two women. It was hissing and had flattened its ears, which is a signal that he was ready to charge.

Cindy's next thought was to run, but she knew that would have been a mistake. The women screamed and Stanley leaped into action. Stanley put himself between the lion and the women and chased the wild animal up a tree. Stanley continued to hold the lion at bay as the two women slowly backed away and moved in the direction of the parking area and the safety of the car. The women breathed a sigh of relief as Stanley bounded happily up to the car, completely unhurt.

Because of his brave deed, Stanley was featured in an article in Good Housekeeping magazine and was a guest on the Montel Williams Show. Stanley was also joined by hundreds of animal lovers who attended the Colorado Veterinary Medical Foundation's Praise for Pets fundraiser event. This special gathering celebrates the special bond humans and animals share as well as to raise funds to benefit the Colorado Veterinary Medical Foundation.