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Multiple Sclerosis

Care-A-Lot®  Cares About the Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis 
Care-A-Lot® Pet Supply, one of the leading pet supply companies in the United States, is proud to partner with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in their continuing pledge to find a cure for this neurological disease. Through sales of special items created for the cause – including dog toys, collars and dog cookies - Care-A-Lot® will donate all profits toward much-needed research of Multiple Sclerosis, which has afflicted nearly half a million people nationwide. It is estimated 200 people are diagnosed each week, so the sooner you help us in the fight, the sooner we can eradicate this unpredictable neurological disease! 
Thanks to the generosity of our friends Care-A-Lot® has donated over fifty-six thousand dollars to aid the movement to cure MS. We can’t do it without you, or your four-footed friends. Join the Movement today and turn a simple purchase for your canine friend into a gift of hope.

The National MS Society has pledged to help raise $30 million during the Promise 2010 Campaign for MS Research.

MS Touches Us All 
When someone is discovered to have Multiple Sclerosis, the disease affects more than that one person. Spouses, parents, friends and siblings are all touched by the diagnosis of a loved one. We at Care-A-Lot® were saddened to hear that our amazing Vice President, Denise Clarke, became afflicted with MS. However, since her diagnosis in 2002, Denise maintains a positive outlook and has applied her love of animals and her work to fighting this disease not just for herself, but for every MS patient fighting to live a normal life. Now, we stand with Denise in her determination to research a cure.

Denise had never heard of MS when she was diagnosed after a few years of suffering various symptoms. After three different doctors diagnosed the same conclusion, she began treatment. MS was the first and only setback in the happy life she’d dreamed of since childhood, and she took it hard. “I stayed awake many nights crying and feeling a very deep sense of sadness that was unknown to me before.”

Yet, Denise would come to follow the advice of Dale Carnegie, and stopped worrying and resumed living. “What makes me so different than anyone else who gets diagnosed with an illness?” says Clarke of her journey. I made a decision that I wasn’t going to worry about the what-ifs. I made a choice to stay positive.”
With Denise and her husband, Robert, Care-A-Lot® has made available for sale several items for dogs, all designed to provide enjoyment for your pet and hope for the millions of people suffering MS. You can Join the Movement today with your purchase of any or all of the following:

  • Collars, harnesses, leads, and ID tags – Tags and collar feature the MS logo, and collars and leashes are orange, to symbolize MS awareness!
  • MS Flappy - Tuffy is best for dogs that love toys that squeak but are not overly aggressive chewers.

All profits from the sale of these items are donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. With your help, we can reach the $30 million goal by the end of 2010. Dogs do not get Multiple Sclerosis, but with you they can help cure it. Join us today in taking a BITE out of MS! 

Visit the National MS Society at www.nationalmssociety.org.

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