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Police Dog Saves Thief

When suspicious activity was reported in the alley between two houses in Aberdeen City, UK, the police went to investigate. When a female police officer spotted Glen Lyon climbing a fence near the houses, he began to flee. As the officer continued the pursuit, Lyon jumped into the river to try to elude capture. That’s when Police Dog Senga jumped into action.

Unfortunately, when Lyon jumped into Aberdeen’s River Don, he was caught in the strong tidal current. Luckily, the police officer was accompanied by her Alsatian police dog and she instructed him to jump in and save the man. “A police dog – almost like something out of Lassie – was instructed to go into the water,” explains attorney Mike Munro. “By this time, the accused was holding on to a river tree branch. With the assistance of a brave police officer, who had gone in, and the police dog, a lifebelt was thrown to him and he was helped out.”

Lyon was charged with attempted thief as well as attempting to “pervert the course of justice in the city’s Bridge of Don area.” The attorney for Lyon praised the dog. “The police dog and a brave officer saved him from a very precarious situation.”