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Rosco The Brave

Sarah, surprised at her pet's sudden departure, took off after Rosco sliding down the embankment and following the sounds of his barking. Sarah had to pass through a barbed wire fence and another embankment to get to her dog. Although Sarah was close to Rosco, he continued to bark. Rethinking her "off leash policy" and ready to scold her pet, Sarah noticed a little girl lying at his feet unconscious. Only when she approached the little girl, did Rosco stop barking and sit down. Noticing a riderless horse standing not too far away, Sarah quickly retrieved her cell phone from her pocket and dialed 911. Soon Sarah heard the sirens and as if on cue, Rosco ran up the embankment barking and leading the paramedics towards the injured girl.

The little girl fully recovered and Sarah is convinced that she would never have seen the little girl had it not been for Rosco. That was a few years ago. Rosco is older now and moves a little slower, but Sarah says that she is never afraid when Rosco is at her side.