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Blond Angel With Fur

When Melanie Saxton first met the wiggling ball of blond fur, she knew that her heart would melt. Though her daughter was delighted, her husband, being a cat person, was unimpressed with the puppy's plight or her hopeful face.

The little Labrador Retriever puppy was found by a neighbor who walked around the area trying to locate an owner. Knowing that the neighbor could not take in another pet, the pup was on its way to the pound. Saxton could not let that happen because there was something special about the dog. Saxton sent her daughter in to work her magic on her father.

Making a crayon "checklist" of puppy chores, she explained her new responsibilities to her Dad. She announced that she would be the official "pooper scooper", would brush, walk, feed and water the puppy and had already named the little bundle Sandradorable, the Labradorable. He was won over and "Sandy" joined the family.

By the time Sandy was six-months old, she showed an unsurpassed devotion to Saxton's daughter. When a little playmate came over to play one day, Sandy showed just how devoted she was. As the two little girls headed outside to play on the swing set, the dog went nuts. Peeping outside, Saxton witnessed Sandy putting herself between the two girls, not allowing them near the teeter-totter. Sandy lunged at the girls and herded them away from the play equipment.

After the girls were safe inside, Saxton went to investigate the play set. Bending down to investigate, Sandy continued to push against her and bark. Suddenly, out of the teeter-totter tube came three red hornets. Going for her face, others followed, stinging her repeatedly. Sandy lunged for the winged-beasts as Saxton ran into the house.

Hearing Sandy howling outside, Saxton knew she had to help her puppy. Armed with wasp spray and wrapped in a blanket, Saxton ran outside in a cloud of repellent. She continued to spray all around and even sprayed Sandy. Picking up the 70-pound dog, Saxton ran back into the house.

Saxton contacted her vet. She gave Sandy some Benadryl and put ice on her welts. The brave hero had endured over two dozen stings but was puzzled by all of the attention. Sandy was just doing her job. After licking her coat, she gave herself a good shake and grabbed her rope toy, silently asking someone to play tug-of-war with her. She was just fine. Saxton believes that angels have wings, but that her angel also has golden fur and doggy breath.

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