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Schnauzer Saves Neighbor From Pool

Fourteen-year-old Corey wasn't sure, but he thought he heard a sound, so while the Miniature Schnauzer was out with his owner Jay Sobel of North York, Ontario, he made a quick turn to the right and pulled his owner down the street, coming to a stop between two neighbor's houses. Being a former Best of Winners show dog, Corey (full name Mochashon's Corey Troy) got into his "show stance," which confused his owner; however, that is when Jay heard a faint sound coming from his neighbor's back yard. When he went to investigate, he found that his elderly neighbor, Jack Turner, had fallen into his pool and couldn't get out because of his chronic emphysema and heavy, wet clothes.

Jack was hanging on to the side of the pool from the deep end of the frigid water and Jay could see blood on the deck. Trained in first aid, Jay helped the 80-year-old out of the water and onto a chair, where he tilted his head back to ease his breathing. As Corey helped to calm his neighbor down, Jay ran to call 911. Once at the hospital, Jack was treated for a mild heart attack, hypothermia and scraped hands.

The neighbor credits Corey with saving his life. "He's only small, but was life-saving as far as I'm concerned," says Jack. Although he has trouble climbing stairs, Corey will struggle up the steps leading to Jack's porch to visit with his friend. According to Jay, "Corey isn't happy until he's nestled up near Jack's knee and lets Jack tousle his hair and beard."

For his act of bravery, Corey has been inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame, which for over 40 years has recognized animal heroes from across the country.