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Splash Knows

Splash always knows what needs to be done. The 8-year-old Aussie/Border Collie mix heals with her heart and eyes. Her eyes will draw you in, calm your spirit and sympathize with your pain. She can share in your joy as well as understand your despair.

Splash began her life as an abused and mistreated animal, but her rescue gave her a second chance. Now she spends her time healing, comforting and loving all that she encounters.

Her résumé is impressive. She works at the Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, CO, as an animal Assisted Activities/Therapy Dog. She is a Delta Society Pet Partner and a Reading Education Assistance dog at local schools and libraries. Splash works at Judi's House, which is a grieving center for children and spends time educating the public on Service Dogs.

One example of Splash knowing what needed to be done is when she and her owner Michelle went to check on a volunteer that had been placed in a surgery waiting area at a local hospital. Splash noticed a woman holding her head, deep in sorrow. The dog immediately went over to the woman and nudged her hands. Looking up, the woman began to stroke her silky ears and weep. The canine instinctively knew that the woman was heavily burdened, so she moved in closer until the woman had enfolded her arms around Splash. All Michelle could say was "she found you."

In a thank you letter to Michelle, the woman expressed her appreciation for Splash giving her a safe opportunity to express her sorrow and pain. She also noted at the end of the letter that "she saw peace and caring in Splash."

For her dedication to service, Splash was named the Human/Animal Bond Award Winner by the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association.

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