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Titan Did A Lassie Thing

I always wanted a Great Dane as a little girl, and now as an adult, I have finally made my dream come true, explains author Brenda Morris. Titan came into my life as the last puppy of a litter from two giant Danes. The black dog with a little white on his chest stole my heart upon sight. My second Dane came a few years later and was Titan’s constant companion. Onyx was deaf and Titan served as his ears. Wherever Titan went, Onyx was sure to follow.

One particular day, the two canines were exploring around our ten acres when suddenly I heard Titan barking. His barking was incessant and I took notice that Onyx was not barking. I grew concerned and called out to my husband. I just knew something was wrong. As a dog owner, you can always tell from the type of bark if there is something amiss.

I ran towards the sound of Titan’s bark. As I appeared, his barking became a whine and he took off running. As I followed, I discovered that Onyx had attempted to cross a wooden bridge and had found a rotten place in the bridge. He had fallen through and was wedged half-way on top and half-way on the bottom. Thankfully, his head, front legs and chest were on top. Michael, my husband, and I assessed the situation. At 100-plus pounds, we knew we could not pull the giant out. We also knew that we could not let our baby fall as the bridge was over a ditch filled with water and snakes. Michael crawled to Onyx’ rescue and as I held on to his belt, together, we were able to free our beloved pet.

Titan did not want to leave Onyx, but he knew he had to get help. He only ventured far enough from Onyx so that he could still be seen. We could hear his cry for help, but still remained within eyesight of his deaf friend. As Titan led me to Onyx, it reminded me of something that Lassie would do to get Timmy’s attention to help someone or something in need. That’s just what Titan did. He did a Lassie thing!