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Entlebucher Mountain Dog

The Entlebucher (pronounced Ent-lay-boo-cur) is the smallest of the Swiss Mountain cattle dogs including the Appenzell Mountain Dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. They are short, medium-sized and have a muscular appearance. The muzzle is straight, the skull is flat and the jaw is well-formed and powerful. The eyes are rather small and are dark brown. The nose is always black. The triangle-shaped ears are rounded at the tips, set high and hang down against the cheeks. The neck is short and is set well into the shoulders. The backline is level with a slight slope over the croup. The chest is broad and deep. The Entlebucher is usually born with a natural bobtail. Some breeders elect to dock the tails while others enjoy the long black tail with a wisp of white on the tip. The shiny coat is short and hard. This breed is tri-colored, with a jet black ground color and rich rust and clear white markings.

Temperament The Entlebucher is easy going, intelligent and very trainable. They get along well with children and other animals. This clean breed barks only out of concern and makes a great family pet. Keep in mind that this muscular breed is solid and can unknowingly knock kids down. They are not a pet for people who leave home for long periods of time. They do not do well left alone in the backyard as they love to be close to their human companions. They are eager to serve and to help out. They enjoy pulling carts and excel at herding. The Entlebucher loves to swim but hates bath tubs. They need to be trained and socialized from puppyhood. They are protective but not aggressive. The Entlebucher is not recommended for a first-time dog owner.
Height, Weight Height: 16-20" ; Weight: 55-65 lbs.
Health Problems Health concerns for the Entlebucher include PRA and hip dysplasia.
Living Conditions The Entlebucher is not suitable for apartment living. They also do not do well in hot and humid climates.
Exercise This healthy breed requires lots of daily exercise. A regular regimen of physical exercise will keep the breed content as well as healthy.
Life Expectancy About 11-15 years
Grooming The Entlebucher is exceptionally clean and requires little grooming.
Origin The Entlebucher is named after a town and region in the Swiss canton of Lucerne named Entlebuch. It is thought to be descended from fighting and guarding mastiffs of the Roman legions. This breed is very popular in Switzerland and is rarely seen outside of its native country. They were saved from extinction by Franz Schertenleib in the 1800s. With the help of a Zurich show judge, Profession Albert Heim, the two scoured the Swiss countryside searching for mountain dogs so that they could be bred and continue to thrive. The Entlebucher was recognized by the United Kennel club on January 1, 1993. They are also recognized by the FCI, CKC and have been recently accepted by the AKC.
Group AKC Herding, UKC Guardian Dog