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American Foxhound

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American Foxhound

The American Foxhound is clearly an athletic dog with great stamina. Its sleek lines are not overly refined. They have low set, lengthy ears, broad and pendant, that frame the face. The square shaped muzzle contains large, wide set brown eyes. American Foxhounds have straight-boned, strong legs with rough paw and toe pads. Their tail is positioned high with a slight curve. Rough and short, the coat can be of any color. Though similar to its English cousin, the American Foxhound has been developed by breeders to be lighter and taller. They also have a keener sense of smell and are faster in the chase which gives hunters an advantage.

Temperament The American Foxhound is gentle and affectionate at home, but is intense when hunting. They are excellent with children and with other dogs but caution should be used with non-canine animals. Do not let this breed off of the leash as they may take off after a scent that holds their interest.
Height, Weight

Height: 21-25" ; Weight: 65-75 lbs.

Health Problems This breed is very hardy and not prone to many health problems. Do not overfeed as they may become overweight.
Living Conditions It is not recommended to keep an American Foxhound in an apartment. They do best with a large yard.
Exercise This breed needs daily vigorous exercise. They can become bored and restless. They can run for miles and miles around a farm and still return home with energy to burn.
Life Expectancy About 10-12 years
Grooming This breed is easy to groom with brushing and occasionally shampoos. They are average shedders.
Origin The American Foxhound was developed from English Foxhounds and bred for speed. One of the first packs was brought to America in 1650 by Robert Brooke of Maryland. They were black and tan and did well when hunting the gray fox. George Washington was a dedicated fox hunter and maintained a choice breeding program and good records. The American Foxhound is recognized by the AKC and the UKC.
Group AKC Hound, UKC Scenthound