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Wirehaired Vizsla

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Wirehaired Vizsla

The Wirehaired Vizsla is a medium-sized hunting with a short harsh coat that fits closely and smoothly to the forelimbs. The coat color is russet gold. The head is moderately wide between the ears and the skull is a little longer than the muzzle. The muzzle is tapered and is well squared at the end. The jaws are strong and powerful and the lips cover the jaws completely and are not loose. The nose is brown. The eyes are medium sized and are a shade darker than the color of the coat. The ears are set low, hand down close to the cheeks and are a round “V” shape. The mouth is sound and the teeth close in a scissor bite. The neck is strong, smooth and muscular. The back level is short and well-muscled. The chest is broad and deep. Hindquarters are straight when viewed from the rear. The feet are cat-like with short toes. Nails are short and are a shade darker than the coat color. Dewclaws should be removed. Hair on the head is short and harsh and long on the muzzle, forming a beard.


The Wirehaired Visla is gentle, loving and highly trainable. This breed needs a lot of daily stimulation and an owner with a firm hand. They are loving and playful around children but may be a little playful for toddlers. They adapt quickly to family life and are good with other dogs. This athletic breed may become destructive if left to their own devices. They must be socialized with other people, places, noises, dogs and other animals. If you do not train this breed, they will become difficult to handle. WHV love to chew. If you are not willing walk a couple of miles or jog one mile each day, then this breed is not for you. They excel in tracking, retrieving, pointing, watch-dogging and competitive obedience. They are good with cats if they are raised with them but do not trust them around small animals. You must always be the pack leader with this breed.

Height, Weight

Male Height: 22.5-25" ; Weight: 45-60 lbs.
Female Height: 21-23.5" ; Weight: 40-55 lbs.

Health Problems Prone to hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, digestive problems, ectropion and entropion.
Living Conditions The WHV should not live in an apartment. This active breed does best with at least an average-sized yard.
Exercise This breed requires a lot of exercise. They have enormous stamina and need long, brisk daily walks. They should also have the opportunity to run off the lease in a safe area. If they are not exercised properly, they can become destructive and begin to display an array of negative behaviors. day.
Life Expectancy About 12-15 years
Grooming The harsh coat on this breed is easy to keep in peak conditions. Brush with a firm bristle brush and dry shampoo occasionally. Bathe only when necessary with mild soap. Keep nails trimmed. They are average shedders.
Origin The Wirehaired Vizsla dates back to the 1930s. A breeder in Hungary named Vasas Jozsef mated a thicker coated female with a German Wirehaired Pointer. He then crossed the same male with different females. He was looking to create a breed that had the color of the Vizsla with a heavier coat to give them better protection in cover and in the water. They are recognized by the FCI and the UKC, and have been accepted for recording in the AKC Foundation Stock Service®.
Group AKC Sporting, UKC Gun Dog