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DOOG Walkie Belts Black

(Item # I003945b_I003945)
The DOOG (Dog Owners Outdoor Gear) Walkie Belt was designed to free up your hands and pockets making it easier for you to walk, run and exercise with your dog. The Walkie Belt sits neatly and tightly on your hips so you hardly know you are wearing it. Use it for running with Fido, going out for coffee with your doggie friends or just for a casual walk to the park. Just hang it at your front door with a spare house key in the front pocket and all you need to grab as you leave the house is your dog. Genius! This belt has everything you need to keep with you and your dog. It has a clip for mobile phones 2 central pockets for house keys, money, dog treats, etc. Clip to carry dog leash. Compartment for Dog Tidy Bags and Antibacterial hand wipes. It also has a Velcro patch on the side that is perfect for tennis balls! Comes with a free pack of DOOG pick-up bags (20 in a belt) designed to pull out easily and a free 20 count of hand wipes. 55.5". Black.
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