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MidWest® eKo™ Pet Bed Cover and Liner 36" X 27" X 7.5" Rectangle Tan Solid

(Item # I003225b_I003243)
MidWest® is proud to present eKo™ pet bed cover and liner, the environment-friendly pet bedding, to help complete your eco-friendly family. Re-purpose items from your home to use with our washable, durable eKo™ cover and liner. Just fill the bed and let your pets enjoy. Pet parents have multiple options of fillings to choose from creating a new purpose for old pillows, blankets, towels, clothes, and pet beds. Remove the contents to machine wash the cover, then refill and repeat the enjoyment! Tips: adding cedar chips naturally repels pests, baking soda absorbs odor and avoid small pieces of filling for pets that are prone to chewing. Rectangle bed is approximately 36" X 27" X 7.5" when filled.  Cover and liner only.
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