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Orijen® 6 Fish Formula 5 lbs.

(Item # 111903b_111903)
Orijen® 6 Fish Formula is packed with high ratios of salmon, herring and flounder from Vancouver's cool Pacific Northwest waters, plus wild-caught whitefish, walleye and northern pike from the cold northern lakes — all delivered FRESH and preservative-free, so they're bursting with the essential proteins and fats that nourish your dog completely. Carbohydrate-limited and grain-free to match your dog's natural diet, Orijen® 6 Fish supplies a broad selection of regional fruits and vegetables that are naturally rich in phytonutrients, B-vitamins and trace minerals. Veterinarian-selected botanicals — including sea vegetables, juniper berries and marigold flowers — mirror the instinct to forage for grasses and weeds.
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