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Orijen® Puppy Food 5 lbs.

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Biologically appropriate for Puppies of all breeds. By nature, all puppies are carnivores--they thrive on a varied diet, rich in meats with smaller amounts of fruits, vegetables and grasses.  High-protein, low-carbohydrate Orijen® Puppy replicates the same rich and diverse balance of fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and grasses that puppies and young dogs of all breeds would encounter in their natural setting.  Orijen® Puppy is bursting with protein-packed, human-grade meats (min. 75%), and none of the grains or carbohydrates that are inappropriate for your puppy. Orijen® Puppy provides a full complement of regional fruits and vegetables—sweet & russet potatoes from prairie farms, red delicious apples & cranberries from interior orchards, and organic sea vegetables from the North Pacific tidal range.
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