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Royal Canin® German Shepherd 24™ 33 lbs.

(Item # 112034)
German Shepherd 24™ Dog Food is for German Shepherds over 15 months old.  The German Shepherd has a notably fragile digestive system. Unique protein sources and soluble and insoluble fibers promote optimal digestion.  Unlike other breeds, the German Shepherd's skin is extremely alkaline and very sensitive. German Shepherd 24™ contains Omega 3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation and amino acids to strengthen the natural skin barrier.  Active dogs, like German Shepherds, are susceptible to muscular stress caused by free radicals. German Shepherd 24™ contains antioxidants from nutrients, including vitamin E, that contribute to cellular health.  Supplemental glucosamine and chondroitin are added to help support healthy joints and reduce inflammation in the aging dog.
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