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Royal Canin® Maine Coon 31 6 lbs.

(Item # 112054)
Maine Coon 31 Cat Food is designed especially for the needs of the Maine Coon cat ages 1-10 years.  Maine Coons can reach a weight of 22 lbs. and a total length of 40 inches. Their size, along with their active lifestyle, can put great stress on their joints. Additionally, the Maine Coon seizes food with the upper surface of the tongue and tends to swallow it whole without chewing.  King size kibbles are specially adapted to the Maine Coons jaw size and shape, helping them to eat slower and chew their food.  Maine Coon 31(TM) contains Omega 3 to support the skeletal structure of this large breed.  It is also formulated with antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals and limit their effect on cells.  6 lbs.
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