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Royal Canin® MAXI Large Breed 35 lbs.

(Item # 112032)
MAXI Large Breed Adult dog food is for Large-Breed Dogs 56 to 100 lbs. from 15 Months to 5 years of Age.  Even during adulthood, large-breed dogs are subject to the effects of early aging. Research indicates that glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate, compounds naturally produced by the body, help maintain healthy joint cartilage. Vitamin E and vitamin C, key compounds with a natural antioxidant function in cells, help large breed dogs maintain optimal health throughout their entire life. A diet with an optimal amino acid levels promotes overall health and vitality.  It is important to keep your large breed dog at an ideal weight to ensure optimal health for a long life. The combination of a moderate fat content and optimal protein content helps to limit weight gain while maintaining your adult dog's muscle mass.  35 lbs.
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