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Royal Canin® Persian 30™ Dry Cat Food 7 lbs.

(Item # 112055)
Persian 30™ Cat Food is designed especially for the needs of the Persian, Himalayan, and Burmese cats from 1-10 years.  The Persian is known for its long, beautiful coat and flat face. Cats with flat facial characteristics use the lower side of their tongue to pick up kibbles which is why an almond shape kibble is easier for them to eat.  Persian 30™ is formulated with Omega 6 to meet the nutritional demands of maintaining a shiny and beautiful long coat.  Because Persian cats are prone to hairballs caused by excessive grooming, Persian 30™ includes soluble and insoluble fibers that increase digestive activity to eliminate hairballs naturally.  Since Persian cats have sensitive digestive systems, kibble contains specialized nutrients that stimulate beneficial bacteria and block harmful bacteria in the digestive tract.
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