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Royal Canin® Spayed/Neutered Appetite Control Cat Food 2.5 lbs.

(Item # I001788)
Royal Canin® Spayed/Neutered Appetite Control is recommended for cats from 1 to 7 years old that have a tendency to beg for food. After spaying or neutering, your cat's nutritional needs change. Once a cat is spayed or neutered, their energy requirements are reduced while their appetite increases. This can make your cat difficult to satisfy at meal times. Royal Canin® has designed a specific formula to meet the needs of your spayed or neutered cat. After spaying or neutering, some cats have difficulty controlling their appetites and have a tendency to beg for food. Spayed/Neutered Appetite Control contains dietary fiber sources at levels that help maintain healthy appetite patterns and discourage overeating. After spaying or neutering, cats may have lower energy requirements. Served in the proper daily rations, this formula moderates fat content and addition of L-carnitine helps to limit excess weight gain. Formulated with all necessary nutrients, at the right levels, to keep cats healthy. 2.5 lbs.
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