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The Neater Feeder® Small Bronze Feeder

(Item # 50030b_500301)
All of the same health benefits of traditional raised pet feeders without the mess!  Keep your floors and walls clean from pet dining disasters.  The patented two level colander-like filtering system actually contains and separates spilled pet food and water without a mess on your floor.  The contoured upper basin collects any spilled food morsels that you can add back into your pet's food bowl, or discard.  While spilled water seeps through the filter to the bottom reservoir where you empty it back into your pet's water bowl, recycle it by watering a house plant, or simply pour it down the drain.  Both reservoirs can hold a large amount of food and water if you are too busy to clean-up immediately after your pet finishes eating.  Small feeder holds up to 2 cups in each bowl.  Great for pets up to 18 lbs.  Feeder is approximately 14" x 9" x 6".   Bowl is approximately 3 inches from the floor with no extensions.

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