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VIP Tuffy® Alien Ball

(Item # I001849)
These crazy aliens have faces on two sides - you can even poke your fingers through one mouth and have them come out the other, which means double trouble for your pet's ultimate enjoyment! Perfect for sailing across your living room or backyard, these aliens will always be heads-up for playtime! Your pooch is sure to be pleased with this fun and adventurous toy! Great For Indoors! Washable! And Floats! Made with 2 layers of industrial grade nylon, 1 layer of pvc, and 1 layer of soft fleece on the outside. All 4 layers are bonded and sewn together to make one super strong layer of material. Each toy has 7 seams. Four seams hold the toy together and then a layer of nylon is added to cover the assembly stitching, then 3 more seams are added. That's one tough toy! Machine washable (air dry) and it floats. Tough Scale = 8. Approximately 6".
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