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Reverse Osmosis Water for Fish Tanks

Reverse osmosis, also referred to as RO, is a process of demineralization or deionization of water by pushing it under pressure through a semi-permeable Reverse Osmosis Membrane. You might have heard about reverse osmosis water in regards to various industrial processes, household use, and fish growing.

Many fish owners choose to use water purified by reverse osmosis instead of tap water to ensure that the water is clear of most dissolved salts, organics, bacteria, and pyrogens.

Remineralizing RO Water

Since the RO water has zero hardness, no buffering to keep the pH stable, and no trace elements, it is important to remineralize the water to make it suitable for fish. Care-A-Lot Pet Supply Stores recommend using Replenish, Equilibrium, and similar products to restore the natural elements back to the water.

If you buy RO water for your saltwater aquarium, try adding Instant Ocean, Seachem reef salt, or any other marine salts that have buffers and stabilizers.

Here, at Care-A-Lot Pet supply Stores, we grow and keep both the Marine and Freshwater fish in buffered reverse osmosis water.

Salinity and pH Levels of the Reverse Osmosis Water Sold at Care-A-Lot

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply Stores use the Spectra Pure Brand to filter the water using Reverse Osmosis.

  • • The RO Freshwater pH level ranges 6.0-6.4 and is untreated and has no buffering capacity.
  • • For RO Saltwater we use Seachem aquavitro® salinity™ brand of salt, and the water has the pH level of about 8.2, which is the recommended pH level to most saltwater fish and shrimp.

Care-A-Lot keeps its RO saltwater salinity at 1.022-1.023, although the salinity might need to be adjusted to the correct parameters of the particular systems.

Straight freshwater needs to be buffed and pH / GH levels need to be adjusted to the particular species that inhabit the aquarium. At Care-A-Lot each system is buffered and pH is adjusted to the level that is suitable and compatible for a particular species of fish.

Tanks with barbs and tetras are normally 7.0 and a KH of 3-4 degrees, when systems with Cichlids are 7.4 and a KH 6-8. Marine pH is 8.3 and KH is 10-12.

Where to Buy RO Water for Your Fish Tank

Reverse osmosis water is currently offered at our Diamond Springs and Oyster Point pet supply store locations. RO water can be purchased in various container sizes (one gallon and up) and is priced per gallon.

Visit one of our pet supply stores to buy RO water and learn more about the advantages of reverse osmosis.

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