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Heroic Chihuahua Saves 92-Year-Old Owner's Life

Sassy & Marie

Heroic Chihuahua Saves 92-Year-Old Owner’s Life

Marie Alexander adopted a pet Chihuahua, Sassy. The day Marie adopted her new pet, she would have never guessed Sassy would end up saving life her one day.

Just like any normal day, Marie took her daily stroll out to get the mail.  She found herself on the ground and unable to move after twisting her foot. Sassy knew her owner needed help and sprung into action by barking at every car passing by. It wasn’t for five-hours until two pedestrians noticed Sassy’s barking and stopped to help Marie. By the time she was found, she was suffering from dehydration and bruised ribs.

Marie was taken to the hospital and is grateful for her loyal Chihuahua, Sassy. “I saved her at the shelter and she saved me,” said Alexander. Whether it's lifting our spirits or calling for help, everyone's dog has saved them in one way or another.