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On Call Blood Donor

Winston is on-call for canines in need.

When humans need blood, they turn to a doctor. When animals need blood, many turn to Winston the Boxer. This Tulsa, Oklahoma canine is out to help his fellow dog in a unique way. He donates blood regularly and his blood is used to save the lives of countless animals in need. "They call us when they need it," says Winston's proud Mom.

Not too long ago, Winston need help himself. When the friendly Boxer was found, he was seriously wounded, starving and infected. Doctors also say that it looks like someone poured something that appears to be acid on his back. But the loving canine fought back and now lives in a warm and loving home. It was also discovered that he also has a unique blood type, making him a perfect candidate for blood donation.

Every few months, Winston "takes a needle to the jugular to give to other canines." His donation recently helped a Yorkie named Barkley, who lost a large amount of blood during a spleen operation. "Now he's gonna have a little bit of boxer blood in him, so I'll be interested to see if it, if he thinks he's a little tougher now at this point," says Barkley's owner. Although Winston may not realize it, he is "an on-call hero who leads to the Woodland West Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma when donations are needed."