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A Bloodhound Knows

Trento's nose is always ready to serve.

A motorist struck and killed an 80-year-old female pedestrian in San Jose, CA, fled the scene and abandoned his car a few blocks away. The police had no witnesses or leads so they decided to bring in a K-9 and the "Scent Transfer Unit".

According to, the Scent Transfer Unit is a specially designed vacuum cleaner-like tool that is used by the police to extract the fugitive's odor from the car without disturbing any of the evidence. Police dog Trento is one of the dogs used by the San Jose Police Department. The 2-year-old Bloodhound tracks suspects and finds missing persons.

The police officers allowed Trento to sniff a small patch of fabric peppered with the suspect's scent. Within moments, Trento was locked onto the trail. He pulled his handler for almost a mile to an apartment complex, right to the front door of 20-year-old Jesse Jimenez. Although Jimenez was not at home when the police arrived, he realized that he had been found and turned himself in to the authorities.

Although Trento is still in training, the department feels that he did an excellent job. According to Sergeant Chuck Wall of the San Jose Police Department, "Bloodhounds make fine police dogs due to their excellent tracking abilities and instinctive friendliness; making them ideal for locating missing children as well as crafty criminals."