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Boudreaux Search And Rescue


When Boudreaux was rescued from a Fort Worth shelter by Sue and David Daniel of Dallas, TX, he would return the favor many times by becoming one of the top search-and-rescue dogs in the nation.

The Bloodhound has been the K9 member of the Search One Rescue Team in Dallas since 1998. This volunteer organization assists in finding missing people in the north Texas area. Boudreaux is top dog in finding lost Alzheimer patients as well as tracking down missing children.

Once when officials were searching for an Alzheimer patient, they were certain that the man had not entered a barbwire fence because of his age and health, but the keenly-scented hound knew better. After searching for over an hour, Boudreaux found the man who had been missing for three days.

Boudreaux is an award-winning canine. He has his American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen certificate and is also a member of Therapy Dogs International, Inc. The Bloodhound has received the ACE Award for search-and-rescue dogs, which is a national award given by the AKC. Boudreaux was also nominated by his vet, Dr. Gary Raiczyk of Carrollton, TX, for the Texas Animal Hall of Fame. His vet describes the top dog as gentle with a great temperament.

"He has given us challenges, rewards, laughter and memories to last a lifetime," says Sue Daniel. "We are fortunate to be the owners of the great 'hound from the pound.'"

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