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Bulldog Saves Kittens

Some dogs are known to be great swimmers and some are not. Bulldogs are on the list for canines that are not known to be great swimmers. The size of their head and chest and the relatively small backend usually makes them sink in the water. English Bulldog owners are usually aware of this problem and will take steps to keep their pet safe in and around the water.

Napoleon is an obedient and well-behaved Bulldog. While out walking with his human one morning in Michigan, he abruptly raced across the street and jumped into the nearby lake. Stunned, Napoleon’s owner raced to the edge of the lake just as Napoleon was walking out dragging a burlap sack in his mouth. Thinking it was a bag of garbage; the owner soon discovered that there were kittens meowing inside the sack. “He probably felt they were in danger or something because he heard them cry out,” said owner Alexandra Breuer. When she looked inside, she found that two of the kittens had not survived, but that four of them had. For the next two weeks, she cared for the tiny survivors until they were old enough to be taken to the local pet adoption center where they could find forever homes.

Napoleon has been hailed a hero and received a hero’s welcome at the adoption center as many gathered to congratulate the Bulldog with lots of hugs and ear scratches. Unfortunately, Napoleon was unable to receive a hero’s steak dinner because he is on a diet. “Let me tell you, if I wasn’t worried about his weight, he would get a couple of T-bone steaks right now, but he’s on a little diet. He’s still a champion,” says Breuer.