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Cat Saves Family From Holiday Fire

Cat saves family from fire - Care-A-Lot pets

She moved silently around her home and was known as the quiet member of her family. Never one to even meow, Chelsea, a Domestic Shorthair, barely made her presence known. After being adopted from a New Jersey shelter, the feline was described as being unnaturally shy.

During the holiday season, many family members entered the home of Chelsea and her owner Lyn Nelson. The table was set, candles were lit and the food was served. After an enjoyable yet exhausting day, Lyn laid down to rest and quickly fell into a deep sleep. Forgetting to extinguish the candles on her dining room table, the candles began to burn the tablecloth. As the flames began to grow, Chelsea leaped into action. The usually quiet cat jumped onto Lyn and began meowing at the top of her lungs. Startled by the cat's sounds, Lyn awoke just in time to douse the flames and save her family from harm.

Because of her heroic act, Chelsea has been inducted into the New Jersey Veterinary Foundation Animal Hall of Fame which "honors the human-animal bond by recognizing special animals that have made a difference in someone's life." The Animal Hall of Fame has recognized over 50 animals since it began in 1996.

Lyn was shocked to hear Chelsea meow since the cat had never made a sound and believes that the quiet feline became a hero that day. Chelsea was nominated by her Veterinarian, Dr. Marguerite Hoey.