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Chance Saves Owner From Attack


Chance, a mixed breed living in Canton, OH, had only been living with his owner for a month, but when she was in trouble, Chance knew what to do.

Micki Stringfield went into the basement of her home to wash some clothes and was unaware that someone was hiding there. When Micki turned on the light, the man immediately began to attack the unsuspecting woman. "He grabbed me and swung me around and I hit my head on the pole. Then, he grabbed me and threw me on this mattress right here." Because she was taken by surprise, she was at a disadvantage and her pet was leashed upstairs.

Chance heard his owner's screams and was trying to bite through his tether. Within seconds, Chance bit through and ran to Micki's rescue. He jumped at the intruder and bit down hard. "He bit him bad, because the guy had black jeans on, and they were ripped and you could see the blood," explained Micki. The intruder fled and is still at large.

Micki is happy that she adopted Chance when she did. "He follows me wherever I go now," says Micki. "He has to sleep in my room now. If he's outside my door, he'll bark, whine . . . I love him."