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Crash Saves The Day

Crash and his owner Billy Tom Vaughn.

Crash is a very intelligent English Shepherd. Although he is a farm dog, he is also trained in drug tracking and seeking. He can perform over 65 separate tasks around his Dewey, Oklahoma ranch as well as respond to fifteen commands in three separate languages: Dutch, German, and Portuguese) that is used in K9 training. Crash is also known as a hero, having saved the life of his owner, Billy Tom Vaughn more than once.

When Vaughn's home caught on fire, Crash alerted the family to the fire before the damage was too extensive. Crash was also on hand to come to Vaughn's aid when a 1,400-pound cow knocked Vaughn down and was trying to crush him. The hero Shepherd drove the cow away with a mighty hit across its nose. Vaughn also suffered a brain injury a few years ago, so he had to rely on Crash to assist him with balance and by picking up dropped items.

Vaughn says he saw how intelligent Crash was at a very young age. "When he was about a year old, he was working full time on the ranch," said owner Bill Vaughan. "Moving cattle, sorting cattle. His intelligence was just growing."

Because of his dedication to his owner and his home, Crash was inducted into the Oklahoma Animal Hall of Fame which was "established in 1987 to honor domestic animals who exemplify unselfish and courageous service to their owners." Crash was also nominated for the "Hero Dog Awards" sponsored by the American Humane Association.