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Crow Thinks he is a Dog


When Joe Notaro-Livingstone, age 11, first found the little crow, he was so tiny and could not lift his own head. Knowing he was too small to fend for himself, Joe took the crow home and the family began to nurse him back to health. Now, ten weeks later, Jack the crow flies around and enjoys life, although they believe that he now has some "serious identity issues."

The Huntsworth, Somerset (England) family also had five dogs and now the crow thinks he is a dog. "I brought him home and we looked after him," explains Joe, "and now he thinks he's a dog and tries to protect us - he even jumps on the postman's head."


Jack is not kept in a cage and is free to come and go. He may disappear for a day, but always returns to be with his family and the dogs. "Whenever we get in the car, he jumps in too because he wants to come with us," says Joe’s sister, Cheryl, age 12, "and when mum comes back, he jumps on her lap like an excitable puppy."

The crow shows no signs that he wants to resume the life of a crow. He eats out of a dog dish, drinks from the kitchen sink and enjoys pulling the mail out of the mail slot. "He is stubborn," says Cheryl, " but really thinks he is part of the family."