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Dead Dog Returned To Owner

Nicole Banks is shocked to learn that her dog is alive after 10 years.

When Nicole Banks of Denver, CO received the call that her dog had been found she says she nearly dropped the phone because she was told that her dog had died 10 years ago. It seems that her husband told her that her dog Juno had been hit by a car and was killed. "This was my dog. I was a mess. It was maybe a month before Christmas," explains Nicole. But the truth was that her husband gave the dog away and lied to her.

The two eventually divorced, but Nicole always thought of her beloved dog Juno. "At least 3 or 4 times I had seen a dog that reminded me of Juno and my heart just broke all over again because I thinking that he's dead and I'd think, 'Man, I wonder what he'd be to us now.'"

She never dreamed that she'd see him again but thanks to a little micro chip, Juno was on his way back home. Someone brought Juno into the Buddy Center in Castle Rock, CO and when the technician checked the dog, he saw that he had a micro chip, scanned it and discovered that the dog belonged to someone else totally different from who brought him in. That's when they contacted Nicole. "And I almost dropped the phone because I wasn't sure if I was awake. I just couldn't believe it," she says.

Now, after 10 years, Juno is home and home for good.