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Doberman Heroes

Sam and Emily Lewis with Star and Storm. ©newsteam

While out for a walk with their owners, Dobermans Star and Storm stopped suddenly, listening to a sound only they could hear. Their owners, siblings Emily and Sam Lewis of Shropshire, England were surprised at their behavior. "The dogs stopped dead in their tracks, their ears pricked up and they looked at each other. Then they started tugging at their leads like they have never done before," said trainee army officer Sam Lewis. "We didn't hear anything but the dogs obviously heard the crash because of their acute hearing, even though it was more than a mile away. Star and Storm were really keen to go back the way they came which is very out of character."

Just out of curiosity, the Lewis' followed the dogs' lead. Within minutes, the dogs lead them to the scene of an accident on a isolated road. "As soon as we saw what happened, I called the emergency services and tried to see if the person in the car was alive," said Sam. "At first I couldn't see anyone but then the woman started moving and began banging on the back window of the car."

The woman's car had flipped over on the desolate roadway and had it not been for the two dogs, the woman may have been trapped in her car for hours before anyone had passed by. She suffered a back injury and was taken to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. Star and Storm are being hailed as heroes for their swift actions in saving the woman so quickly after the accident.

Although Doberman Pinschers are sometimes known to be fearless and assertive, they are very loyal and affectionate. They are excellent tracking dogs, and make great watchdogs, guard dogs, and are used in police and military work as well as search and rescue. "They might not look as cute as Lassie, but they are just as heroic in our eyes," Sam said, beaming.