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Dog Saves Pregnant Owner

Mickey heard her owner when no one else did.

Codi Robertson of Idaho Falls, Idaho was seven months pregnant and had fallen asleep on the couch one evening. When she woke up, the mom-to-be began shaking uncontrollably. She called out to her mother before she blacked out but her mother did not hear her soft cry for help, but Mickey did.

Mickey is an 8-year-old Alaskan Eskimo dog that ran to wake up Codi's mother, Debbi Denning, who found her daughter in the middle of what turned out to be a pregnancy-related seizure. "I just started shaking and yelled for my mom," said Codi. "I thought I was just having chills until everything went black."

Debbie found her daughter unresponsive, limp and sweaty so she called 911. Codi was rushed to the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center where her baby boy was delivered two months premature via a C-section. She says that the entire situation was "pretty scary, not knowing if we were going to lose them both."

Doctors told the pair that the outcome could have been very different had Mickey not awaken Debbie in time. The family says that their four-legged hero is irreplaceable. "She's amazing, loveable and loyal," explains Codi. "If Mickey didn't wake my mom up, me and the baby would not have made it. She's one amazing dog."

Because of her loyalty, Mickey was nominated for and became a finalist for the Dogs of Valor Awards sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States.

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