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Diesel Saves Toddler From Snake

Drew and Diesel

Drew always spent Fridays with his grandparents Stan and Sue and their dog Diesel. Whenever he visits, the Australian Cattle Dog-cross always dotes on the three-year-old boy. One afternoon, Drew, his grandfather and Diesel took a walk to a remote part of their property in Eerwah Vale, in Queensland, Australia. As the young boy was playing on a swing, Stan watched in horror as a huge brown snake arched up out of the grass and prepared to strike at Drew's back.

"The world just stopped and everything moved in slow motion," said Stan. "Drew was swinging back straight into the snake's path and I couldn't get up the hill fast enough to grab him." However, Diesel saw the snake too, and sprang into action. "Diesel propelled himself sideways in the air and attacked the snake in mid-strike," remembers Stan. If the snake had bitten Drew, it would have been lethal.

Stan was relieved and as the three headed home, horror struck again. "After only a few yards, Diesel collapsed," recalls Sue. Stan picked up the nearly 51 pound dog and carried him up the hill to get him home. The family then rushed the Cattle Dog to Cooroy Veterinary Clinic where he was given two large doses of anti-venom. After two days of intensive care, Diesel was able to return home. "The cost was high but what cost do you put on the life of a heroic dog?" asked Sue.

The hero canine was presented with a special Animal Achievement Award from the RSPCA Queensland. His owners received a commemorative plaque and Diesel received some treats.

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