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Formidable Crime Fighter


With 38 apprehensions under his “collar,” Deuce is a formidable crime fighter. Deuce, a Czech Shepherd, is a K9 officer with the Atlantic City Police Department and is partnered with Officer William Logan, Jr. The two have been partners in the department for several years and have worked together to apprehend five armed suspects.

When Deuce is off duty, he is a docile and loving member of the Logan family of Galloway, NJ. He loves to lounge on the furniture to watch television, playing with the Logan children and even sleeping on the bed with Officer Logan and his wife. “It’s like he has an on-off switch,” Officer Logan explains. “When it’s on, he’s all duty. When it’s off, he’s just a loveable member of the family.”

Once, Officer Logan and Deuce were after a suspect who had brandished a shotgun near the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. The suspect took off running and tried to hide behind a burrow of sand. Deuce clawed his way through the heavy sand, grabbed the suspects by the calf and then, along with Officer Logan, dragged the man out into the open, where he was arrested.

Deuce and Officer Logan were named the Police Canine Team of the Year during the third annual Search and Rescue Service Dog Day that was held at the city’s Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum. Also, for their dedication to duty, Deuce has been inducted into the New Jersey Veterinary Foundation Animal Hall of Fame. He was nominated by Dr. Kim Taylor of Somers Point Veterinary Hospital.