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Golden Saves Little Boy's Life


When Carol Jackson visited her local mall in Sandy, OR, she brought home more than a shopping bag of clothes. She brought home a beautiful Golden Retriever that had previously been rescued. Sasha had been abused and was very untrusting of people; however, after two years of love, the Golden was beginning to emerge from her shell.

A few years ago, Carol had some friends over for dinner. Her son Austin and his friend Zachary had gone outside to play while the adults prepared dinner. Suddenly, Zachary ran into the house screaming for help. As Carol ran outside, she saw her little 5-year-son with his eyes bulging, hanging by his neck from a bungee cord. He was desperately trying to get his footing on a slide that would have relieved the tension from the cord.

Then Carol noticed Sasha, digging her nails into the plastic slide, pushing Austin up with all of her Golden might. Amazing, the canine knew that pushing Austin back up would loosen the tension of the cord. As Carol approached the slide, Sasha had pushed her son up the slide.

Carol is convinced that if Sasha had not intervened, Austin would not have survived. Sasha proved to be a hero that day and has since emerged from her shell. She has become “the most loving and intelligent dog that the Jackson family has ever had.” Even after several years, the memory of her heroism stills remains. Carol will often show visitors the gouges in the plastic slide where Sasha saved her little one’s life and became the family hero.